The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) program contains a wide range of funded activities for training and education. This includes the development of new undergraduate and graduate course curricula, professional development programs, on-line video lecture series, summer workshops, among many others. A particularly important element is a focus on under-represented communities. Insisting on the training of a new crop of young scientists, schooled in the ways of massive data analytics, is the NIH’s way of making a strategic investment on their view that big data is here now and expected to get bigger, and that the current focus on health informatics depends greatly on a labor force having the skills to turn data into actionable information relevant to biomedical science. In particular, working to enrich the emerging field of data science not only helps to fill the existing workforce needs but also underscores that the NIH views the future of biomedical research as computationally vast, digitally precise, and ever more personal.
Several views of all the funded BD2K training awards are presented here. View the collection of grants in “sunburst” mode to explore them interactively using your mouse. Likewise, use “Location” mode see the geographic distribution of each award type across the US. Clicking on one of the colored dots reveals more information about that project. The key is interactive, as well – click on a grant type to see where they are in the US. Finally, see the collection of projects in “list” mode. However, you choose to explore them, we are certain that you will appreciate the scale and scope of these exciting projects for big data training and education.