Data Science Innovation Lab 2016: Mobile Health

2016 Innovation Lab on Interdisciplinary
Approaches to Biomedical Data Science
Challenges of Wearable and/or Ambient Sensors

June 15-19, 2016

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

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The BD2K Training Coordination Center is organizing an Innovation Lab to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations among quantitative and biomedical researchers to address data science challenges arising from the use of wearable or ambient sensors. Wearable or ambient sensors, as defined here, broadly describes the necessary software and hardware that drives internet-connected devices with a health or biomedical research objective. A more detailed description of the Lab can be found in the document Detailed information on Innovation Lab. Some exemplar areas of quantitative interest are suggested in the document Topics of Expertise Needed for Innovation Lab.

The Innovation Lab process entails participation in an intensive five-day residential workshop in order to facilitate the development of new teams of early-career biomedical and quantitative investigators who generate multidisciplinary cooperative research programs through a real-time and iterative mentoring process. While prior knowledge of research at this interface is beneficial, it is more important for applicants to demonstrate their willingness to engage in collaborative multidisciplinary research. At the conclusion of the workshop, teams will be encouraged to develop proposals for submission to the funding agencies.

The participants are assisted by professional facilitators and senior scientists with relevant expertise and exposure to the topic area. The scientific experts serve as mentors and act as impartial referees during the process. Working under the guidance of the mentors, participants will form teams during the workshop to develop interdisciplinary projects to solve a data science challenge arising from a particular biomedical research question using wearable or ambient sensors. Learn about this year’s mentors here .

This Innovation Lab is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

Apply using one of the two Apply Now links below:

Does your expertise fall into biomedical subject areas (e.g. biological, behavioral, social, environmental, and clinical domains)?

Does your expertise fall into quantitative subject areas (e.g. computer science, pure mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, statistics, modeling, engineering, or data science)?

Applications accepted 3/4/2016 to 4/11/2016.
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