About the BD2K Training Coordinating Center

The NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Training Coordinating Center (TCC) exists to equip current and future generations of biomedical researchers with tools to navigate the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex ecosystem of data science. As ever-larger quantities of data are obtained and generated by diverse domains ranging from genomics to health informatics to environmental research, powerful new methods have emerged for confronting critical research questions through the exploration, preparation, analysis, visualization and interpretation of Big Data. The TCC is a multifaceted program with key projects including a personalized online educational platform, science rotations, indexing of BD2K Big Data resources, evaluations, community outreach, and coordinated training with BD2K partners through the BD2K Centers-Coordination Center (BD2KCCC).

With research-related Big Data expanding so rapidly, novel tools and techniques arise from myriad sources spanning multiple disciplines and domains, and information regarding the proper implementation of these tools is spread across hundreds of educational, research and training program websites. The need for centralized knowledge resources is clear. The Big Data U Knowledge Map and Educational Resource Discovery Index (ERuDIte) address this need by automating the process of identifying, aggregating, indexing, modeling, and incorporating online resources into a comprehensive, personalized learning platform. Leveraging extensive experience and infrastructure, and built with reference to existing platforms (e.g. ELIXIR-TeSS), these resources draw upon knowledge from higher education, cognitive science, curriculum development and program evaluation to create a comprehensive “go to” Big Data training resource that allows users to easily identify and engage with didactically significant resources aligned with their experience, preparation, specific scientific domain, and personal learning needs.

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