Kindly Note! This program is no longer funded or active.


ERuDIte is the educational resource discovery index that powers the BD2K Training Coordinating Center (TCC) Web Portal. ERuDIte not only serves as a resource collector and aggregator but also as system powered by Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Natural Language Processing that intelligently organizes resources to provide a dynamic and personalized curriculum for biomedical researchers interested in learning about Data Science. ERuDIte provides the resource data that learners can discover on the TCC Web Portal. Over time, learners’ interactions with the TCC Web Portal will impact ERuDIte, forming a feedback cycle where both components improve each other and adapt to learners’ needs and demands. The blending of Artificial Intelligence techniques with highly targeted curation for resource discovery, retrieval, personalization, and organization distinguishes ERuDIte from MOOC aggregators and other resource collection initiatives.